Boca Fontana Rules & Regulations

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Air Conditioners/Attic Fans

Window or wall unit air conditioners are not allowed.

Air conditioning compressors must be screened from view from the street.

Attic fans are permitted if installed toward the rear portion of the roof.


Large television roof antennas are not allowed.

Licensed amateur radio antennas, small active television antennas, and DSS type satellite dishes are permitted upon approval of the Architectural Committee.

Architectural Committee

Any changes or additions to your house, patio, fence or other structures must be approved by the Architectural Committee before any work, including painting the same color and same style roofs can begin. The management company will provide you with the necessary forms which must be completed in full and returned to the Management Company.   Download and fill out the Request For Architectural Committee Review form

Awnings and Shutters

Awnings are not permitted on the properties, with the exception of those at Casa Sul Lago.

Accordion shutters and roll-up shutters must be either bronzed aluminum or colored  to match the walls of the house.  Bahama shutters and metal awnings are not allowed.

Temporary storm panels must be metal with the track painted to match the house or trim.  Homeowners on extended vacation during August and/or September are permitted to close their home with hurricane shutters.



No trade or business shall be conducted in any unit.  Trucks or vehicles with business logos or service signs are not permitted on your driveway.  Business signs must be removed or the vehicle must be parked in your garage.

Clubhouses/Pool Areas

There are two clubhouses in Boca Fontana.  The East Clubhouse is for families with children.  Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult. The West Clubhouse is for adults over 18 only.

Members are allowed a reasonable number of guests per household in the pools or tennis courts.  NO PETS ARE ALLOWED  in pool area, tennis courts or basketball court.

Homeowner will lose their key privileges for 60 days if these rules are not followed.

Pool hours are dawn to dusk.  Since there is no lifeguard, persons using the pools do so at their own risk.

Clubhouses may be rented for parties (maximum 40 people), etc. for a fee of $100 plus $150 deposit, except on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.  Call the management company for details or search this website for the form, the link is somewhere I promise.


Doors, Screens, and Lights

Doors must be painted to match the trim of your house or as indicated in the display window in the West Clubhouse. 

Screens and screen enclosures must be of bronzed aluminum, white aluminum or match trim.

All exterior light fixtures must be maintained, painted and kept in good working order.  Post lights and garage-mounted lights must match in finish and style.  Bulbs must be changed as often as needed with clear light bulbs.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Driveways and sidewalks must be kept clean.  Cracks or damage to the public sidewalk in front of your house is the homeowner’s responsibility.  Repairs must be done with concrete only.

If you are replacing your driveway, brick pavers are allowed.  The color must match the house color.  Architectural Committee approval is required.  Cement strips, blacktop or runners are not permitted.

If you wish to stain your driveway, the color has to match your house color and must be approved by the Architectural Committee.  The private sidewalk  to your front door must be stained as well.


Monthly assessments for each association are due on the first day of each month.  Payments not received by the 30th of the month shall be subject to a $25  late fee per month unpaid.

Fences and Hedges

Fences may be of cypress or cedar natural finish in board on board or shadow box style.

Chain link fences must be of green or black-coated vinyl. 

All fences must be erected with the finished side facing out. 

Fences and hedges are to be a maximum height of 4 feet on lake property and 7 feet elsewhere.  White or tan PVC fencing is allowed up to 6 feet high (except on lake property). 

Lake fencing must be iron craft style fencing in aluminum or PVC—bronze, black or white.

All fences must be maintained,  cleaned and/or painted and  kept in good condition.

Garage Sales

Homeowners are permitted up to two (2) garage sales per year. 


Trash,recycling and foliage is collected per SWA schedule.  

Please refrain from leaving refuse curbside prior to 6PM on the evening before pick-up.  Garbage pails must have tops.  Plastic bags should not be set out until the day of the scheduled pick-up to avoid  animals destroying  the bags.

Tree, grass and shrub cuttings are collected on Monday.  If you place cuttings curbside before 6PM on Sunday you will be subject to a $50 fine.

Garbage containers and recycling bins must be removed from the curb on the day of the collection and stored in your garage.

If horticultural waste is placed on a storm drain by homeowner or landscaper, there will be a $100 fine.


Portable, gasoline or propane-powered generators may be used only in emergency situations, such as hurricanes, power outages, etc.  ARB form is not required as this is not a permanent installation.


Gutters must match the trim color of the house.  Leaders and downspouts must match the house color or the trim color.

Lawns and Landscaping

All homes and landscaping must be kept in a well–maintained condition.  Dead foliage must be removed from all shrubs, trees, etc.

Note:  Homeowners living in the Patio Homes and Casa Sul Lago have their lawn maintenance and landscaping taken care of by their associations.


All mailboxes must be uniform in design and color and well-maintained, including the house numbers as installed.  To allow maintenance and mail delivery,  mailboxes should not be blocked by vehicles or plantings .  In such case, your mailperson has the right not to deliver mail.


All houses in Boca Fontana are to be painted according to approved colors.  The Color Charts are available at the West Clubhouse, on our website or you may contact the management company.

There are separate color selections for brown and gray roofs.

All roof flashing is to be painted the color of the trim.

Your house, trim and garage door must be painted and kept in well-maintained condition.


Your neighbors appreciate your cooperation in parking your auto(s) in your garage or on your driveway.

No boats, boat trailers, trucks, vans—larger than 3/4 ton or business vehicles are allowed to be parked on the property.

Vehicle repairs and maintenance are not allowed on the properties.

No parking is allowed on grass areas in order to prevent damage to sprinkler heads and grass.

Any vehicle in violation will be towed away or booted at the owner’s expense.


As required by Palm Beach County law, all pets must be leashed; as well as cleaning up after your pet.

Homeowners are responsible for any violations incurred by their renters or guests.

No pets are permitted within the recreation or pool areas,  incidents will be reported to the County Animal Control Division.

Per advisement from our attorney the Boca Fontana HOA does not condone or endorse the TNA or Feral Cats program


No above ground pools are permitted with the exception of inflatable pools for infants.


Any homeowner wishing to rent their unit must first submit the names of all prospective tenants. (Age 18+) to Superior Management

No lease shall be for a period of less than four (4) months, nor shall a homeowner be permitted to lease his home more than once per year.


As with the rest of your house, your roof is to be kept clean and well-maintained.

With the exception of Casa Su Lago, if you are replacing or repairing your roof, fiberglass shingles must be used and colored to match the existing shingles. 

All screened roof additions are to be of mansard style construction.  No flat roofs of any kind are allowed. 

Please contact the management company to get the necessary Architectural Review forms.


Sheds are not permitted


Signs of any kind are not permitted anywhere on your house or property.

Temporary Garage Sale signs must be removed the same day as sale.


All units ,i.e., your house; must be well maintained with well-kept lawns and well-maintained landscaping

Each unit is restricted to residential use as a single-family residence.  No improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of any unit and all valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction shall be strictly observed.

Violation Letters

A “deed walk” shall be performed at least four times per year.  Any violations or non-compliance with Boca Fontana rules and regulations shall be noted.  You will receive a letter notifying you of any problems found and you will have  thirty (30) days to address any issues noted.  Pursuant to State Statute and the Association’s By-laws, any violation(s) not corrected may incur a fine of $100 per day for each infraction up to a maximum of $1000.